Bufab Flos provides (sub)assemblies, and provides a unique total solution. Because you can also outsource the assembly operation to us, the highest possible efficiency and the lowest possible overall cost price can be achieved.

High-level supplying

Because we also supply (sub)assemblies next to individual components, we can provide products on a very high level. A motivated team of assembly workers constantly focuses on assembling products as efficient as possible. Using molds, tools and clear work instructions, the process is organized as efficiently as possible, while still meeting all quality requirements.

Complete service

Customer-specific requirements are very important when it comes to the assembly of components. Both simple and complex compositions can be achieved by Bufab Flos; regardless of the size of the series. We can also take care of the specific packaging of a range of parts: packing in a set, CKD packs, kitting, and other specific wishes. Of course all equipped with customer-specific labeling.

Production, assembly and labelling

At Bufab Flos we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by not only supplying spare parts but also assemble, package and label them. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us!